Wednesday, January 4, 2017

When you think of an average household toilet and its accompanying toilet accessories, you can pretty much guess what you’re going to see (or won’t see) when you look down at it.
Obviously the toilet will be there.  On top, of which, is a toilet seat and lid.  The toilet paper holder somewhere in reaching proximity.  Maybe a plunger is hiding behind the toilet somewhere.  Perhaps a trashcan instead of a plunger.
And…that’s pretty much it.  But why should you care?
“You should absolutely consider toilet accessories for your home toilet.  It is one chair you are nearly guaranteed to sit on every single day!”
Meanwhile, there are a litany of toilet accessories available on the market that the average man and women simply does not take advantage of like in other cultures.
We conducted a survey to understand just how underutilized toilets are in Western cultures.  Not only were our findings what we presumed they would be, there were actually much worse!  But just how, exactly?

Toilet Hygiene…

Places like Japan and Italy take toilet hygiene very seriously.  Bidets are very common as well as toilets made to be squatted over.  With well over half of Japan using bidets, they know a thing or two about luxury on the toilet.  A majority of the country doesn’t even wipe anymore!
Heck, the sometimes have to pay for toilet paper!  But we digress.

Squatting For Your Future

Much like our emphasis on toilet squat stools here in the West, squatting helps relieve the strain of taking “normal” poos on the toilet.  The short term benefits are as good as the long term ones.  You can avoid things like Diverticulitis with the help of a toilet stool during your younger days because your digestive tract will be relaxing instead of straining.


Finally, give yourself a chance to have a successful and fully functional toilet landscape.  We found a majority of people didn’t utilize things like bathroom etageres for storageextra toilet paper holders, or change their toilet’s flushing capabilities.  These are just a few examples of modern products that can turn your average, barren toilet area into a luxury throne of relaxation.

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